Money Saving Tips

I’m always wishing I was better at saving money because there’s always something catching my eye and I think “Oh it’s only $20. I’ll go ahead and get it.” But all those $20’s add up quickly!

We’re currently saving up for our down payment on a new house. I have a goal in mind and to reach it I really have to get better at saying no and cutting costs. I’ve read many blogs on saving money and some things are helpful while others are not so much. Here’s a list of ideas that I have personally found helpful!

Use leftovers to make a new dinner
Let’s say you make chili for dinner one night. If you’re not a big fan of having leftovers, take the chili and make something new like Tamale Pie. You just have to add a couple new ingredients and you have a whole new meal!

Buy in Bulk
I LOVE Costco. However, Costco is really good at getting you to spend a lot of money! They do in fact have some great prices on bulk items so if you go with a list in hand and stick to it, you should be okay! One thing to think about when at Costco is “Do I really need this in bulk? Or can I purchase less for less at the local grocery store?”
Here’s a list of Costco items I think are worth it:
1) Muffins
2) Bread
3) Hawaiin Rolls
4) Stick Butter
5) String Cheese
6) Greens – spinach, kale, lettuce
7) Rotisserie Chicken
8) Frozen Fruit
9) Nuts
10) Avocado Oil
11) Maple Syrup
12) Seasonings & Spices
13) Sheet Cakes – $17.99 to feed 50 people!!
14) Baby Wipes
Also! You’d be surprised at how many things you can freeze so if you know you cant eat it all in a timely fashion, you can freeze half for later.

Brew Your Own Iced Coffee
I’m a big iced coffee fan and crave it every afternoon. And then I fight myself from getting in the car and going to Starbucks or Dutch Bros or Ziggy’s. It’s a fight not always won lol My sweet husband bought me my very own cold brew brewer from Amazon for $20 and now I can have it every afternoon without the guilt! I just add some vanilla syrup and half & half.

Make a List of Wants
To help with my impulse buying I’ve started adding things I think I want to a list on my phone. At the end of the month if there’s extra money to spare, I go back to my list and pick out something. I’ll tell you a secret though, most of the time I realize I don’t need most of them.

Coupons/Store Brand
The thing with coupons is, they can actually cost you more money. So be careful and only use what you actually need. And check to see if the coupon price is cheaper than the store brand because sometimes it isn’t.

Use gift cards
Dig through that purse and see if you’ve got any gift cards you forgot about!

Side Jobs
Can you babysit? Dog sit? Bake cakes? Paint? Offer or look for services that will make you a little extra money.

Take Inventory
I often forget what I’ve got and end up buying more without actually needing to. Or when it comes to meal planning, you can look through your deep freeze and in the back of the pantry. Try to use up what you’ve already got instead of making that trip to the store to spend more money.

Use a Pick Up Service
Walking through the store you are bombarded with all kinds of goodies. And things go in the cart that you didn’t intend to purchase when you walked in. If you shop for your groceries online, you’re less likely to purchase the unnecessary items. You’re also able to see the total before hand so you don’t get surprised at check out. And bonus! You don’t have to get out of your car. You’re in, you’re out, Boom!


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