Difficult Times Call For Simple Measures

As Covid has us up, down, high, low, and everything in between, we can start to feel like our sanity is slipping away.

And though it seems like all our favorite things have been taken from us and been replaced with fear and cabin fever, I have put together a list (with help from family & friends) of life’s simple joys you can still enjoy!

>Take a hot, relaxing shower or bubble bath
>Eat warm cookies with milk
>Jam to your favorite songs
>Call or text someone you enjoy talking to
>Take a drive and treat yourself to a coffee, ice cream, or fun snack
(bonus if its nice out and you can roll the windows or sunroof down)
>Crawl into fresh, crisp sheets at night
>Have a movie night and snuggle with your family
>Curl up with a blanket, beverage, and read a new (or old) book
>Bake something new
>Look at funny memes or videos
(this usually helps me if I’m in a grumpy mood)
>Look through old pictures and reminisce
>Find a creative outlet
>Take a walk and listen to a podcast
(currently listening to The Office Ladies)
>Rewatch an old favorite show from the beginning
>Sit down and write notes, cards, or letters to loved ones
(The TouchNote app lets you create fun postcards and cards and then sends them for you)
>Play with your pets
>Color a picture
>Sit on the porch or patio on a nice day and soak up the sun
>Play a favorite game (Clue, Monopoly, Yahtzee, cards, etc)
>Take a scenic drive through the mountains
>Paint your nails
>Do something nice or special for someone in your life

What are some more of life’s simple joys? Comment below with your own favorites.


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