Fall Porch

Fall is coming very soon. Maybe too soon. But I’m starting to be okay with that after seeing the fall decor at all the stores. I went to Home Depot for paint and came home with an extra item:


So cute! Hanging this on my door  got me in the mood for some more porch decorating. I’ve had these 2 black lanterns laying around my house for a while now. So I filled them with leftover fall leaves, berries, and pumpkins I had from last year. Then added some burlap.

IMG_1597 IMG_1598

Here’s the porch so far:

FullSizeRender (5)

The sign in the flower pot says, “Come In My Pretties” (Target dollar section find). I’m sure I’ll add more but this has got me started. I have visions of some hay, pumpkins, maybe a wheelbarrow. So many ideas out there! Here’s a few of my favorites:


If you have chairs on your porch, adding fall pillows would be an easy way to decorate! http://www.homedit.com/10-diy-burlap-fall-decorations/

Get your fall decorating juices flowing! And if a pumpkin spice latte will help, I’m not going to stop you 🙂


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