Paper Pumpkin Craft Kit

I love the look and care that goes into homemade crafts and gifts. But sometimes what you thought was going to be a pretty simple craft, turns out to be not so simple. The nice thing about craft kits is that most or all of the materials are provided for you. There’s ideas and instructions too. My aunt is a Stampin’ Up demonstrator and their craft kit is called “Paper Pumpkin”. I was pretty excited when it came in the mail, wrapped all pretty in tissue paper 🙂


Paper Pumpkin by Stampin’ Up

 I opened it up to find out what the month’s craft entailed


Halloween Treat Bags!

There were both paper instructions and a YouTube link to a how-to video. Both were very helpful! All I had to add was some candy.


Reese’s Pieces in a bag with string

It was very easy to put together and a cute way to give out Halloween treats. Also, how cool is that straw?! Ta-Da! The finished product:


Treat Bag with “You’re So Sweet” tag

My fringe didn’t turn out as curly as in the picture. But I still think its cute 😉

Things I loved about this Paper Pumpkin Craft Kit:

  • It came with 15 different stamps to choose from!
  • Ink pad was included
  • The tags were pre-cut and had holes punched in them so I just had to glue and string it through
  • There was a video! Written instructions is all fine and dandy but I really do need a step by step visual
  • There was a thick piece of pre-cut card stock to fit in the bottom of the bag. This made the bag stand up well and was easier to work with

I will be getting another one this month that I will also share with you! Here is a link to my aunt’s Stampin Up page if you’d like to learn more about them and other projects you can do:


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