Well, Girl ~ A Book Review

There are so many quotes I would love to share with you. But I think it would be way better if you just read the book and experienced it yourself. So I’ll hold back and only share a few!


“Guilt is being sorry for something you have done. Shame is being sorry for who you are.”

Shame keeps us wanting and the enemy uses it to keep us stuck. Oh the freedom you can have in Jesus! He chooses to dwell in you! Do not be ashamed of who you are. If you are always focused on what you should be, you’ll never look up at the One who died for you and made you who are.

One of the things Jami talks about in her book is how we’re always “starting over”. If we fudge on our diet we tell ourselves we’ll start over on Monday.  And then we throw caution to the wind and eat whatever we want the rest of the week because “we’ll start over on Monday”. We tend to do the same with God. If we mess up we distance ourselves from him with the “I’ll start over on Monday” mentality. But we don’t need to do that! We don’t need to stop and start with God. He is constant and His love is constant.

We’re never completely happy with our weight, with our appearance, or with our wellness. Whether we’re perfectly thin and “healthy” or overweight and unhealthy, He loves you just the same. No more, no less.

While this is not what I would call a step by step weight loss program, it does provide you with a new way of thinking and feeling. And that in turn can be what you need to get over the yo yo dieting and loathing cycle.

“But while we are never separated from the love of God, if you add even a touch of the law, you are no longer experiencing grace. Grace is everything.”

Jami has a way of helping you to visualize and deeply feel the love God has for you. I found tears streaming down my face as I realized how much I was missing this. We’re so hard on ourselves. Saying things we would never imagine uttering to someone else. Jesus doesn’t think these things about me or you. 

“If there were any scenario where He wasn’t utterly crazy about you, He would have spared His beloved Jesus the agony of death on a cross.”

Boom! What a realization. I felt it down to my toes!

I believe you’ll find joy, humor, and peace when you read Jami’s new book. As Jami always says- Jesus be all over you friend!!!

*You can order this book through amazon, kindle, barnes and Noble, and most other book retailers.