Bringing Home Baby


I have worked with kids infant on up for several years (since I was 18), so I had an idea of what kinds of things we would need when we had our own baby. But there’s just some things you only learn as a mom. So here is a list of things that were very helpful in the first few months with our little guy.

1.Infant Lounger


We loved this thing! And he slept in it a lot the first few weeks. It says not to let them sleep in it in case they roll over, but since he wasn’t going to be rolling over the first few weeks, I knew it would be okay.

2.Hot Water For Bottles


So we already had this coffee pot/hot water combo thing and it turned out to be AMAZING for making and heating up bottles/breast milk.
It makes the water hot really fast when you push the button so if it was a bit too hot I would put a little in the bottle and then fill the rest with cold filtered water from the fridge and it would be perfectly luke-warm.
If I needed to get formula or breast milk warmed up I would fill a cup with the hot water and let the bottle sit in it until warm enough.


We used the bassinet that goes in bed with you for the first few weeks and then switched him over to the bed side one. I was a nervous wreck the first few weeks about SIDS so having him right next to me in bed made me feel better. Then when I felt more comfortable, he went to the other one. Do what makes YOU feel most comfortable. Don’t let people tell you where they should be sleeping at a certain age. You know your child and what’s going to stress you out the least.

4.Owlet Sock


This was another thing that helped me be less stressed. I don’t think I would have slept at all without the comfort of it.
It’s a little “sock” that you wrap around their foot. It monitors their oxygen levels and heart rate. You download the app and it will tell you what their vitals are. If something is not right, it will immediately alert you.
It also comes with a camera so when they move to the crib, you can see always see them and hear them. It comes with 3 different sock sizes to accommodate their growing feet.



I have 3 different carriers and have used them all. The Boba wrap was great! But as he started to grow, I liked this carrier. It also comes with a hip seat which everyone in my family loves because it saves your hip, your arms, and your back! The carrier is for both front facing and in facing.

*Update: It can also be used as a back carrier!


This has been a hit with all the kids I’ve taken care of, as well as my own. Babies love to bounce! Mine learned that he can kick his legs to make it bounce by himself and entertains himself for 20-30 minutes lol Its great!


bibsDrool and spit up have been a constant for us so bibs are a must! Or I’m changing his clothes A LOT. These Yoofoss bibs are absorbent, good quality, and cute. I like the solid colors best for outfit coordinating.

8.Pacifier Clips

870BE949-2026-4F2F-86D3-924E487EEE4FWe gave our kid the good old pacifier right away because I didn’t want him to be a thumb sucker. Get back to me on that choice in a few years when we’re trying to wean him off LOL
But, if you’re doing pacifiers these clips are a must! They will fall out of their mouths at the most inconvenient times. Liiiiiike, when you’re walking up the stairs and it pops out, tumbles all the way down the stairs, and then your kid starts crying.
Yeah. Life saver.

If you have any items to add, leave it in the comments!


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