Do We Really Know What Jesus Would Do?


Photo by Sharefaith from Pexels

In bible times Jesus was not what anyone expected Him to be. The religious leaders hated him. He condemned their self righteous way of life. He told people to love their enemies, to respect political authority, to turn the other cheek. He shocked people with His solutions to the worldly conflicts. In almost every aspect of His life, He did the opposite of what people expected. He came into the world poor and surrounded by animals in a barn. He didn’t rise up, become an earthly King, and give the Romans their just punishment! His teachings left people a little confused. We want revenge, an eye for an eye! We want to cast blame on others and for everyone to like us. We surround ourselves with people just like us and avoid people who are not. And yet, these are the opposite ways in which Jesus lived his life.

And now I wonder if Jesus were walking the earth today, what would He say to us?
What would He do? We may think we know, but honestly we don’t. I think both Christians and non believers alike would be speechless and humbled if He were here speaking to us now. He might tell us things we wouldn’t expect (or want) to hear. Just like He did when He walked the earth 2,000+ years ago.

With recent events, I have seen people twist scripture to support their opinions on the conflicts going on in the world. What I see again and again though, is Jesus NEVER supported hate towards ANY group of people. Remember the good samaritan story? Samaritans and Jews hated each other. And yet Jesus told them no matter who your “neighbor” is, you treat them with love and mercy. The Samaritan not only helped the Jew, he went beyond! He showed such compassion for this man he was supposed to hate that people were in awe. This was Jesus’ example of how we are to treat everyone we come into contact with.

It makes my heart ache when Christians use the Bible to try and support their skewed and hateful opinions. This is not how we shine our light in the world. This is how we push people farther from the truth and love that they could experience through a relationship with God.

Next time you engage in a conversation, whether its face to face or online, ask yourself:

Am I showing truth and love in a surprisingly different and impactful way?


Am I discouraging people who need Him most from being drawn into a life changing relationship with the one who taught us to love above all else?

It’s easy to get caught up in arguing your points and beliefs. Unfortunately it quickly turns into wanting to be right so badly you turn to insults, scare tactics, and ugly words. Even when other people resort to these things, we cannot. Jesus stood his ground and fully lived out an incredible and unconditional love, even when others were malicious towards Him.

We cannot be perfect. We are human. But we can do our best to live out the many examples He gave us. It’s a tough world out there friends! The bible tells us this. Being a christian doesn’t mean a life of worldly peace, worldly prosperity, and everything we desire. It means heartache, trials, and trusting God when all else fails to make sense. But we know when this life is over, we will go to be with our Heavenly King in heaven where pain is no more.



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