5 Dates Under $25


My husband and I love a good date night, or day date! And as fun as going out to a fancy dinner is, the bank account can’t take much of that. So here are 5 dates that we have personally loved for under $25.

Cheese & Wine

Just last night, the hubby had a fantastic idea! Let’s go to our local grocery store and pick out some fancy cheeses to try. Our King Soopers down the street now has a cheese station! We picked out 5 samplers that looked good and a bottle of wine. Our dinner that night consisted of crackers, cheese, and wine. It was great! The price of this date really depends on how many kinds and the prices of the cheeses you pick out. But it is very possible to stay under $25.

Movie & Snacks

Go by your local Dollar Tree and pick out some sweet and savory snacks, grab a Redbox, and go cuddle up with your sweetie! Movie theater snacks are widely known to be very expensive. So if you do decide to hit the theater, you can still save a ton of money by stopping at the Dollar Tree first.

Spa Night

You can start off by making some dinner together (he can grill and you can make the sides/dessert). Then take a hot shower or bath together to get nice and relaxed. After that I like to set up the room like a spa would, but more romantic. I turn off the lights, light some candles, turn Pandora on to “Spa Music”, and warm up some lotion for the massage. I like to use “Sensual” by Bath and Body Works’ aromatherapy line. Putting on a nice little outfit for him certainly doesn’t hurt 😉 Then give each other a nice full body massage.

This is our annual Valentines date night now and let me just say that it has changed my husband’s perspective about this holiday lol He used to be a big complainer when this time rolled around each year. “It’s just a way to make more money….I show you I love you everyday of the year….etc. etc.” Not that I don’t agree, but hey I’m a woman and I like romantical things. I don’t however like the crowds and spending my valentines surrounded by hundreds of people instead of just the one that’s important.

Mountains/Hiking & Pic-Nic

We live in Colorado so the mountains are never too far away. An hour’s drive and we’re surrounded by beauty and mountain air. We pick a trail (usually pretty easy since I’m not what you’d call an athlete), take in our natural surroundings, and have some good conversation. If you don’t live near mountains, you can still find a lake or area with some hiking trails. Pack a cooler with snacks or lunch so you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to eat or spending money. Plus, eating a picnic with great scenery is awesome!

Coffee & Bookstore or Mall 

We enjoy wandering around book stores and neat shops in the mall. At the bookstore we usually grab a coffee and sip while we browse. At the mall we like to find small, neat little kitchen or home gadgets. At Crate & Barrel the other night we got some Easter cookie cutters and sanding sugars (for decorating cookies). I like to bake and my husband likes to eat what I bake, so it was technically for both of us 😉 The cutters were $9 and the sugars were $4. It was fun spending the time together and we didn’t spend very much.

Extra Dating Tips:


Groupon has provided us with some great new experiences, and low-budget dates. We’ve tried new places for brunch or dinner, saw cool shows, and got discounts on ice cream, coffee, pizza, etc. We even found an amazing bed & breakfast through Groupon that we have been back to twice. That was obviously more than $25, but we still got a great deal on it and have made wonderful weekend memories there.

Local Tours

Find out what places near you give tours. A lot of them are free or low cost. Celestial Seasonings Tea located in Boulder gives free tours, so we went there one day. It was fun, informative, and we picked up some new teas to try afterwards.


Me and my other half


4 thoughts on “5 Dates Under $25

  1. I LOVE this post, Lindsay! It’s a great reminder of some of the great times I’ve had with my hubby, too. By the way, here in the Denver area there are 2-3 Art Districts that offer Friday night art walks on the first Friday of the month. That’s where Bob & I are going this Friday!
    Also, the Denver Art Museum is free on first Saturdays. Guess you can tell we’re big art gallery buffs!

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