Powder Room Remodel

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Hey all! I haven’t posted in a few months, but my husband and I bought a house over the summer. We are now slowly making it our own and really getting familiar with the whole DIY house project stuff. The Home Depot gift cards came rolling in during Christmas and we were stoked! The family before us definitely had different taste in colors and style, but that’s okay! Because now it’s ours and we’re free to do what we want 🙂 The powder room on the main floor gets used by all of our guests. It was very plain with some stenciling of grapes around the top of the walls. I had a vision of how I wanted this bathroom to transform and I’m happy to say, it’s fabulous! Here are a couple of big before pictures (with a little bit of me in the mirror )



You can’t see the grape stenciling but believe me, it’s there. And I’m glad it’s gone lol The walls are an off white… kind of a tan-ish white. Not the prettiest color. So I chose to do a pretty, relaxing green color called “Antique Jade” by Benjamin Moore. I went to Lowe’s and showed them the color I wanted and they matched it for me. Then we did white wainscoting with trim at the top. We also put in a white cabinet for holding things since the sink doesn’t have a cabinet. Here is more of the after:

photo (1)




The candle stick jars on the cabinet and in the window I made with glass jars from Hobby Lobby and candlesticks from Michael’s. I made my mom some that were black. Here is the tutorial for them:


I found the bathtub “Relax” canvas sign at Hobby Lobby 50% off (woot! woot!) and happily it went well with the colors. It’s nice to feel better about the appearance of our bathroom since many people see it while visiting our house. Because this bathroom is very small, it didn’t take much paint, the cabinet was given to us for free, and we used about 4 packs of the small wainscoting boards (came in packs of 6). The cost was pretty cheap for such a big change!


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