Birthday Surprise Scavenger Hunt


My little brother was turning 20 years old on June 4th. So when his girlfriend asked if we should do something special, I instantly thought of a surprise scavenger hunt! I love things like this 🙂 The little rascal made it very difficult to keep everything on schedule and a surprise, but we pulled it off. I made the clues, which rhymed and took him to different places around the area. His final destination was Olive Garden where many of his friends and family were waiting for him! Each clue was put inside a card I made. Here is what the outside of the cards looked like:


And the inside:


The front and back of the envelopes they were in:


His girlfriend Hannah was picking him up at 6 pm so they could go to what he thought was dinner and a movie. After she arrived and gave him his birthday present from her, she handed him the first envelope. This is what it said:

You’re about to embark on a wild goose chase,

So hop in the car and pick up your pace!

Your sweetheart will be the lovely chauffeur,

She knows all the answers so if you get stuck,

Look to her!

Now he knew he was going on a scavenger hunt. She then gave him the 2nd envelope which contained the first clue:

“Bogey”, “fore”, and “hole in one”,

These phrases you use when you’re having some fun.

Off the tee and on the green

This is where you next need to be seen!

This was the golf course in our town because he loves golf. When he arrived, my husband was there with clue # 2:

“Shout to the Lord all the earth let us sing,

Power and majesty praise to the King.”

He is the potter, we are the clay.

This place is full every Sunday.

This was to lead him to our church home where Jimmy & Janell were waiting for him with clue #3 which said:

Chillin’ in the hot tub or with a friend,

You need a lighter, but don’t want the wind.

You can buy this item here,

But the drinks will have to wait another year.

Him and his best friend like to do manly things like smoke cigars so that clue led him to Daveco (a very large wine and liquor store) where there’s also a humidor for buying cigars. His best friend Jon was waiting for him there with the next clue. This clue said:

Some drink it hot, some drink it cold,

You have to make it the way you’re told.

Go to the place you spend your days,

Working the clock and hoping for a raise!

He works at Starbucks so this is where he went next. His other friend John was waiting for him there. His clue said:

A big red bird stands in this place,

Watching everyone stuff their face.

Their burgers are tasty, juicy and big,

When you’re done, you feel like a pig.

My family loves a big juicy burger and Red Robin is our favorite for these. So, that’s where he was to go next. His friend George was waiting there with this clue:

Cooking, Computers, Sci-Fi and Cars.

A trip to the moon, Jupiter or Mars.

Heroes, villains, and nerds are there too,

They’re all in their genres waiting for you.

He had a little trouble with this one. He thought it was the movie theater at first. I was hoping the word “genre” would help. You can see the boys’ thinking faces below (my brother is the one on the left). George helped him figure out it was the bookstore so off to Barnes and Noble he went.


His friend Brian was waiting there and gave him his last clue which led him to his final destination.

This adventure is about to come to an end,

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some friends!

A dinner for you is what lies ahead,

Fettuccini Alfredo, salad, and bread.

When he arrived, we were all there waiting for him and I had these golf cupcakes placed around the table:


He had fun, we had fun, and it all worked out! I enjoyed making up the clues and I used my Cricut Machine to cut out the numbers and decorations on the clues and envelopes. So, it really wasn’t hard at all!


4 thoughts on “Birthday Surprise Scavenger Hunt

  1. Beautiful gift, you’re such a great sister! I’ll be using some of your ideas for my girlfriends birthday scavenger hunt next month

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