Fast ‘n’ Fruity Yogurt Smoothie


I hate forgetting to grab something for breakfast or running out of time while I’m flying out the door to work. My stomach reminds me all morning long 😦 I remembered a delicious and healthy snack my friend Aisha’s (I-sha) mom used to make us after school, and thought it would be perfect for breakfast. I can prepare it at night, stick it in the fridge, grab it quickly on my way out, and drink it on my morning drive to work. There are only 3 ingredients:

  • Fruit
  • Fat Free or Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt
  • Ice Cubes


-First I sliced up 1 banana (the mushier the better) and 3 strawberries into the blender.
-Then I added about 5 heaping Tablespoons of Vanilla Fat Free Yogurt and 6 ice cubes. I usually like to put more yogurt in it. Probably around 8 heaping Tablespoons. The more you put in the creamier it will be. The amounts of any of these ingredients can be changed to your preference and the consistency you like best.
-I put the lid on and blended to my liking (until I couldn’t see any white yogurt anymore).
-Last, I poured it into my re-usable Starbucks cup with straw and stuck it in the fridge for morning! To give you an idea of how much this made, the cup I poured it into is supposed to be equal to a grande drink at Starbucks and it didn’t quite fill it all the way up.



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