Candlestick Jars


I made these for my mom and since Easter is right around the corner, she filled them with Easter decor. I obtained most of my supplies at Hobby Lobby. The glass jars were 50% off at the time I bought them (score!). The wood pieces were pretty inexpensive. The candlesticks I found at Michael’s for 4.99 a piece. I of course have the Michael’s app on my phone though, so I got 50% off one of those. Here is a list of all the materials I used:

  • 3 wood candlesticks
  • 3 different sized glass jars with twist on metal lids
  • 3 round wood pieces to glue the candlesticks on
  • 1 pack of finials which contained 3
  • Black and white polka dotted ribbon
  • Small wooden letters (J-O-Y)
  • Black spray paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • E 6000 adhesive glue

I first spray painted the candlesticks, round wood pieces, finials, and jar lids with black spray paint. This took about 5 coats. I tried not to over spray each time so that it would be even throughout. The last couple times I put my materials on top of a box so I could make sure I got all around the sides.

Then I hot glued the finials on top of the lids to look like a fancy knob. I took the black and white polka dotted ribbon and hot glued that around the jar lids and a bow on the front.


The candlesticks had a metal thing in the top which made it hard to level the jars on top. So my very helpful husband took those out with a knife (I didn’t complain since it actually worked).


I then had to paint the insides to match and I did this with black acrylic paint. The candlesticks were hot glued to the round wood pieces


The part I was most nervous about was gluing the jars to the candlesticks. E 6000 adhesive is an extremely strong crafting glue that I highly recommend. You put some on the bottom of the jar and then on the top of the candlestick. Before bonding the two together you let it sit for a few minutes. Then, you can attach them. I did not mark the jar in any way before, but I would say this would be a wonderful idea because I had to readjust mine quite a bit. The glue then needs to dry for 24 hours and it will have made the bond very strong.

My mom wanted the letters J-O-Y on the jars so I painted some wood letters and attached them with string around the finials at the top. I love these jars because you can fill them seasonally! I will be making some for myself as well.



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