Cooking With Kids – Life Size Recipe Cards


While getting my degree in Early Childhood Education I came across many great ideas to interact with children. One of my professors recommended the book Pretend Soup by Mollie Katzen and Ann Henderson. This book encourages you to make these life size recipe cards, as I call them. I had a lot of fun making them and the kids loved them! They can easily follow along and read them, which makes them feel very good! It is also a great way to start teaching your kids to cook. Here’s what you need:

  • An easy recipe
  • White paper (regular copier paper size)
  • Pencil with eraser
  • Markers
  1. Break the recipe down to the easiest and shortest wording possible.
  2. Number your papers and write each step on the bottom of each piece of paper (in pencil).



3. Draw large pictures to coordinate with each step (including spoons, bowls, etc.) in pencil first.

4. Trace back over your words and drawings with markers. Make it colorful and attractive!


I also got them laminated so they could be used again and food could be wiped off easily. That part is up to you!


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