New Parents Package



When my husband’s brother and sister in law had their baby girl, (1st grandchild in the family) I decided to make them this New Parents Package! It has a little something for mom, a little something for dad, and a little something for both. I also wrote a poem that included all the items in the package. I enjoyed putting my brain to a little poem writing again 🙂

Here are the items I included in the package:

  • Candy
  • Coffee
  • Lullaby CD
  • Picture Frame
  • Bubble Bath
  • Lotion (“Sleep” from Bath and Body Works)
  • Disposable Fumes Masks (dirty diapers)
  • Onesie that said “Daddy Says No Dating Allowed. Ever.”
  • Applebee’s Gift Card

The poem said:

New Parents Package

A new born baby you now dearly hold,

We can’t wait for future baby stories untold!

But to get you through those nights that will unfold,

Here’s some coffee and sweets that will be held like gold.

Some lullabies we hope will help her soundly sleep,

And a picture frame for a precious photo to keep.

For mommy there’s bubbles and lotion for relaxing deep,

For daddy a mask so those diapers won’t cause him to weep.

A cute little shirt to make him smile,

And for both, a gift card to get out and talk for a while.

Of course you can pick out different items. But I know the receiver will love your thoughtful gift!


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